You have to kiss Silva

Birk Rohelend

When driving home one rainy night, the journalist Silva Stökel almost hits a pedestrian due to her lack of sleep.    She remains haunted by the feeling that the woman whom she nearly ran over was her childhood friend Helena.

But it is simply not possible: her friend vanished, presumed dead, twenty years ago.

When Silva starts to retrace Helena’s trail, she quickly realizes that the story of her disappearance is by no means the only gruesome and bloody secret of the seemingly peaceful small town of Omavere.

“You have to kiss Silva” is a masterfully constructed psychological thriller which, in addition to the usual question of “Who did it?” also investigates the reasons behind “why did it happen?”

Book 1 of “The Mysteries of Silva Stökel”    First published October 2016 in Estonia (Helios).         Voted “Popular best seller of 2016”.

The series revolves around Silva, an award-winning journalist, and is set in the capital Tallin and Omavere, an imaginary name for a small town located about 4h drive from Tallin, which could be anywhere in South Estonia.


Soho Honey

A. W. Rock

This contemporary thriller takes place in the lively and frenetic melting pot of Soho, central London, over three weeks in November 2005.

Now in his forties, Branen resigned from the British Secret Service seven years ago. When his ex-MI5 handler informs him that Carrie, his 21 year old daughter, has been brutally murdered in Soho whilst working undercover for them, Branen is stunned. It doesn’t make sense! Why was Carrie working for MI5? Is her violent death linked to his murky past?

Branen decides to return to his old haunts to track down her killer. Using his old friends and contacts, he searches for answers in the vicious underworld of drug dealers as he follows the trail through Soho and Chinatown.

But MI5 has secrets of its own that must stay buried at all costs. As he edges closer to the truth, Branen’s enemies are everywhere.



Fabrice Caro

The narrator learns indiscreetly that his wife has a lover. Desperate to save his marriage, he tells his wife that he has a cancer. He immediately regrets this stupid declaration but does not have the courage to backpeddle. The rumour escapes and spreads, metastising like his invented illness.  Prisoner of his lie, divided between his conscience and cowardice, he sees his life sinking into the absurd.

See “Figurec” by the same author in the backlist





Rio Garonne

Joël Mespoulede

One night in town, Richie discovers that his Porsche has been towed away by the police. It’s raining and he’s lost, when a beautiful woman offers to help him find the car pound.

The encounter between the lonely giant and the attractive, sympathetic woman is not fortuitous. Neither of them are actually who they pretend to be.

He is an army deserter and has never been his country’s “young football talent”. He stole the papers of a dead friend to escape the Balkans war and build a new life.

The young woman is on the run because she stole money from her ex-lover, a notorious mobster. She needs a fast car to escape.

Richie’s trip turns into an urban nightmare…


The Lord’s Prayer

Philippe Grégoire

This novel is intended (not exclusively) for all those who wonder why Jesus waited until the age of thirty to leave Nazareth to spread the Word, to become the Son of God in the eyes of the world. A historical figure, what did Jesus do between his birth and his thirtieth birthday?

The gospel according to Luke tells us that when he was about twelve years old he ran away for three days during a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. That’s all we know.

Nothing else? We have been talking about Jesus for two millennia and it does not bother anyone? Not even the Pope! Jesus and the eternal mystery of his origins…

What happened during those three days? What phenomenon was sufficiently traumatic that the handsome Jesus, born of a Jewish mother, raised by an adoptive father, remained cloistered at home, single and childless, during all these years?