Figurec : Korea
Figurec : Russia
Figurec: France (Gallimard)

Fabrice Caro

The funeral of Pierre Giroud was a great disappointment to me, it was a ceremony without real emotion. The whole affair lacked rhythm and conviction. Father Rouquet himself was not really on form. No, really, this funeral left me cold.   It was a far cry from Antoine Mendez.  Ah, the funeral of Antoine Mendez ! His wife tried to jump into the vault to join him in eternity, her hysterical cries, his three sons holding her back, their young faces marked by the spasms of those confronted by death, the admirably incisive speech of her best friend … Antoine Mendez was truly someone who knew how to make a success of his funeral.

By dint of attending funerals, the narrator has become an expert in the matter.  But, looking closely at the mourners, it would seem that he is not the only one…


Figurec is …

  • A novel(Blanche Gallimard 2006),
    • Rights sold : Korea, Russia
  • A comic strip (adaptation Christian de Metter, Casterman 2007)
  • A theatrical play : Théâtre Jeunesse Québec , By the Theatre Company les 4 Coins Quebec 2017
  • A cinematic projet for 2017



Figurec as a comic strip

What if most of the situations in our daily lives are peopled with professional extras, recruited and paid to appear on the cafe terrace, at the supermarket, in union demonstrations, funerals, family meals, etc.? This fantastic idea, but ultimately not so improbable, constitutes the heart of Figurec – the name of the powerful society that hires out innumerable extras without its existence being ever publicly revealed. The story is narrated from the point of view of a young and penniless playwright, who discovers by chance the existence of Figurec and makes the mistake of falling in love with Tania, the figurant that he himself rents to impress family and friends …

Humor, subtlety, originality, a masterful story, brilliantly put into images by the inspired paint brush of Christian De Metter

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FIGUREC at the Théâtre Jeunesse, Quebec

  • Theatrical adaptation : Klervi Thienpont and Jacinthe Parenteau (theatre des 4 coins, Quebec, Canada) 
  • Director : Olivier Normand
  • Duration: 75 minutes



A brilliant reflection on the consumer society, with humour and Faustian spirit

What would happen to us if we could buy a life with a colour option to banish the greyness of an ordinary daily? How far would we go to impress others?

This thriller deals with the question of the definition of oneself and the image that oneprojects, as well as a look at our consumer society.

Directed by Olivier Normand and adapted from the novel by French author Fabrice Caro by Klervi Thienpont and Jacinthe Parenteau, Figurec will be presented at the Théâtre jeunesse Les Gros Becs, Quebec from 30 November to 2 December 2016

The Théâtre des 4 Coins has made an excellent theatrical adaptation of Fabrice Caro’s novel.   (Review Marie-Josée Boucher, Info Culture Biz)

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