Soho Honey

A.W. Rock 

This contemporary thriller takes place in the lively and frenetic melting pot of Soho, central London, over three weeks in November 2005.

Now in his forties, Branen resigned from the British Secret Service seven years ago. When his ex-MI5 handler informs him that Carrie, his 21 year old daughter, has been brutally murdered in Soho whilst working undercover for them, Branen is stunned. It doesn’t make sense! Why was Carrie working for MI5? Is her violent death linked to his murky past?

Branen decides to return to his old haunts to track down her killer. Using his old friends and contacts, he searches for answers in the vicious underworld of drug dealers as he follows the trail through Soho and Chinatown.

But MI5 has secrets of its own that must stay buried at all costs. As he edges closer to the truth, Branen’s enemies are everywhere.


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The narrative unfolds against the backdrop of Soho, a trendy area of central London (part of the West End). Soho is a lively and frenetic multicultural melting pot, home to Chinatown and the LGBT community.

Branen’s Soho is a major character in the story. Beneath the superficial veneer it hides a world of racketeering, extortion and a thriving drug industry. For the protagonists there is no escape from its grip.

Book Rights

  • Publisher : Clink Street, London   (self-published)
  • First published : May 2016
  • Original language : English | 350 pages
  • Rights available : World.    UK and all English upon request.

The Author

AW Rock was born in London UK and graduated with a BA from Hornsey College of Arts. He worked in design and graphics, co-owner of a studio designing for many companies and theaters. He then became a professional photographer working all over the world for the all the major advert agencies in stills and films. He has directed a wide range of music promo films and over 200 TV commercials worldwide, winning several awards (three 1st prizes and one 3rd prize). One of his short films won 2nd prize in a national competition. He also directed several 30 mn commercially financed dramas.