The Lord’s Prayer

Au nom du père

Philippe Grégoire

This novel is intended (not exclusively) for all those who wonder why Jesus waited until the age of thirty to leave Nazareth to spread the Word, to become the Son of God in the eyes of the world.

A historical figure, what did Jesus do between his birth and his thirtieth birthday?

The gospel according to Luke tells us that when he was about twelve years old he ran away for three days during a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. That’s all we know.

Nothing else? We have been talking about Jesus for two millennia and it does not bother anyone? Not even the Pope! Jesus and the eternal mystery of his origins…

What happened during those three days? What phenomenon was sufficiently traumatic that the handsome Jesus, born of a Jewish mother, raised by an adoptive father, remained cloistered at home, single and childless, during all these years?  An accident, a tragedy, a shock?

The author offers a line of thought that eschews the traditional evangelical trails.

We follow Jesus during his first journey of initiation, through his encounters, far from a question of chance. He forges the trauma that will break his freedom and will be the foundation of his crisis at thirty years of age.